About FTR

Faith to Rise at its great post to read core is a band that loves creating and playing music. But if you branch out, their true calling is spreading the gospel through song. The members view the band as their ministry, and they’re passionate about it.

Faith to Rise started as a group of guys under a different name, just getting together to play a local youth event. But it grew from there and they began playing at summer church camps and practicing as often as their schedules allowed. The band felt like the Lord was really working on them to take the band further, but not every member go now felt the same about pursuing music as their ministry. The remaining members understood, but felt lead to continue to pursue where the Lord was opening doors. They also knew that they couldn’t be selfish about their pursuits of a music career.

They fully understand that as much as they want to do this as a career, God will use them in whatever capacity HE decides…and they’re just fine with that.

The band’s goal is simple: getting their music and message to as many people as possible.

The name Faith to Rise is subtle, yet straight to the point.

In essence it means that everyone is a sinner, but do we as Christians have the faith to rise up above that and begin impacting our world for Jesus Christ? Will we allow God to convict us of our sins to bring about change and repentance?

The band is well aware of the challenges it faces: A world that is getting more and more comfortable with sinfulness, a message that many people would just as soon not worry about, and a band that is just one out of thousands.

But they aren’t worried. “If we were doing this for ourselves, maybe there would be something to be worried about. But God is in control of all of that. We’re just going to continue to glorify Him through our music with the talents that He gave us. If He wants us to be successful then we will be, and if He has other plans for us then that will be fine with us too.”

One band, one mission, one message.